Saturday, March 31, 2012

Childhood moment. Mine was awesome. Why ?

zaman kegemilangan ketika orang sekeliling suka cubit pipi.

Aku sangat rindukan childhood moment aku.
Aku takperlu fikir masalah yang perlu aku hadapi,
takperlu hadapi masalah yang perlu dilalui.

Tiada perasaan apa-apa.
During your childhood moment, all you need to do is just playing with toys instead of expensive gadgets, plus eat and stay grow.
Follow your parents going to anywhere they want.
For me, my best present from my parents during child were just a big box of Faber Castell colour pencils. It was an expensive colour for me. A good colour.

Pencil colours + pencil + eraser + drawing block + study table + a chair = heaven

Sekarang ?

iPad + game = heaven gila babpig.

zaman berubah, maju.

1 pengkritik:

Bon Jovi said...

comelnye arwah time childhood.. (^_^)

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