Friday, May 1, 2009

chicken pox!!![part 2]

Day 3,
juz lyke day 2..
just bariiiing!!
on that tyme,me mrintih..''bla la maw baek nih!huu''
hmpir pt0s asa la kn0n..on 3 am,only god know..
how itchy am i!!!arghh,first i sugestd to go to hospital
but ma papa said,at hospital it's not doc,
but HA.''ooo'' i said sambil garu2 bdn yg itchy
aiyoo,tahan je la..

Day 4.,
no need larhh..
nympah maw cta,naek gli dowh..
hua3..anyway thx 4 waste ur tyme here..
[i dun know wat i'm writing bout]

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