Monday, April 27, 2009

sicK oF thIs thIng!!![chicken pox][naceb bek bkn slsema pig!]

so..this is da stury

one day,sy ke ckula like always..
++buat gila2
++study dlm td0
++kutuk org cm besa
++kjeskula cm siak
>>and watever..

at the end of lesson when MS. G.K Lim teaching.
i feel like 'gatal2' around my neck..
[so,klu da gtal,garu je laaa..]
lgi gru,lg gtal.
then ta than lg da..
i ask my bestfried,intan to look around my neck
she said that it was just a pimple..
[but i think its not]
when i otw to go home,
arghhhh,i can't stand it anymore!!!~~~
at home....

ME : mamaaa,hawat yg saket sgt tang leher nihh.
MAMA : hang nih,meh sni mama maw tgk..
[my mom pon tgk2 la..]
MAMA : sah,ang kna chicken pox cm adk hg nih..hg bjgkit dgn adk laa nihhh
ME : haahhh??!chicken pox?~[maw pgsan ak dbuatnya,smbil2 tuh ak jeling2 adk ak][nympah la knonnya]
MAMA : dh2,toksah dok jeling2 adk hg..dya x bsalh,tu la..mama kta pa,smlm ko gdik gtal kcau dya,kn da jd cggini..ok.hg bsiap la.mak nk bwk p klink ni.maw amik ubt.dh2!

dgn muka sdiy plus prasaan jiwa chicken pox,
ak pgi with one destination,
for wat??? have a bath la..wat else??then??p clinic with school unform??[hehe]

the next day,
i feel like tacos!
ouhh!now,my neck is covered by miscles..
i dun feel comfortable..

2nd day,
this is the tuuttt day.
u know wat??
my body is full of miscles when i woke up at morning..
n bla bla bla...!!

3rd day,

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